My name is Adolfo Resendiz and I am from México.

I was born on 1984 may 22th.

I´ve been working in customer services since I started working at 19 years old.

I started as a general worker for a water park, you know supplying vendors, cleaning the garbage, cleaning the pools, etc.

Then I improve myself working for an important hotel here in my little town as a towel man for the customers in the pool and I was doing tasks like cleaning the pool, attend the customers inquires about the hotel and be available in the pool all weekends a holidays too. 

Actually in the same job I was promoted to safeguard only because when I was working as towel man I save a child’s life that had drowns himself on the pool, so I saved him, and well I was promoted.

I am not looking for tell you my all story.

So to sum up, I´ve working since I was younger passing through construction jobs, cleaning jobs, blockbuster in my student time, then some serious working places, i mean when I finished my school, I was able to travel around my country doing implementation services for a big company, when I returned to my town there was a good job on federal gov waiting for me, so I took it. 

I worked there for almost 8 years, then I decided to go and look forward improve my skills and open my mind to knew experiences.

That was the most important decision that I´ve ever made.

It changed the way I was doing things, from a passive job to work for one of the most important SaaS Swedish IT security companies, improving my communication skills and my support portafolio.

Unfortunately for me the company closed the México office, for that time I´ve already starting to build my own business besides I was working, so I was offering my web services and management.

As a entrepreneur I would say that its difficult in a culture like México, but I prefer it cause you could help business to improve sales, process, help them to update the way of thinking and doing things.

Nowadays I look forward to build and consolidate my team, as its meant to be only wheelchair people working from home with my step by step formula and free courses for them, perhaps I already have a couple of people making websites and ecommerce now.

If you are here, thanks for reading out and let me shared a little about me.

Like I said, I am always looking for improve myself, that includes being available for new jobs and ways to work to impact the world.


Thanks for reading again.

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